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Byrne Faraday [userpic]


October 9th, 2019 (03:30 am)

FYI: This journal has moved to Dreamwidth. It will no longer be updated here, so EVERYTHING IS OUT OF DATE. Still...have a list! (The Route 29 remnants are not on the DW account, btw.)

☄ [HMD + contact info]
☄ [Mun Availability] **Friends locked
☄ [Dear Mun and Misc. Tracking]
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☄ [Application]
☄ [Tracking]
☄ [Character Relations Chart]
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☄ [Real Life Patient File]
Remnants from Route 29:
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Tags are also very helpful, yep yep yep

Byrne Faraday [userpic]

Damned: Tracking

October 8th, 2018 (01:00 am)

Day 54: Turnabout BeginningsCollapse )

Night 54: Turnabout ScorpionCollapse )

Day 55: The Utterly Confused and Horrified TurnaboutCollapse )

Night 55: Turnabout ReunionCollapse )

Day 56: The Road Trip of Hiatuses (and Turnabouts)Collapse )

Night 56: Turnabout of KnowledgeCollapse )

Day 57: Turnabout Letters (and Migraines)Collapse )

Night 57: Turnabout MindfuckCollapse )

Day 58: My Broken Spirited TurnaboutCollapse )

Night 58: Where are you, my Turnabout?Collapse )

Day 59: Turnabout Depression...Collapse )

Night 59: Portal to the TurnaboutCollapse )

Day 60: Turnabout Beginning (Again)Collapse )

Night 60: The Revived TurnaboutCollapse )

Byrne Faraday [userpic]

OOC: Character Relations (Damned)

October 6th, 2018 (01:00 am)

Last updated: 12/09/11 - DS 60

Peeps are listed in the order in which Byrne has met them in the institute, regardless of his previous relations to them. And yes, this chart will include EVERYONE he has met, even if he's only met them briefly. It's IC that way, trust me.

By the way, paintbubbles made the code for these GORGEOUS tables. <3

CUT FOR LENGTH urdurhurCollapse )

Byrne Faraday [userpic]

(Route) [006]: [video/action for Goldenrod] [FILTERED]

April 8th, 2011 (09:48 pm)
location: Goldenrod
ambience: Bugs...bugs everywhere...

[The scene: .....um. The inside of some building...we think. It's obvious Byrne is in PANIC MODE right now from his wide-eyed expression and how breathless he is. Well, he's been running from bugs all day, okay? And he's kind of running low on medical supplies, too. Well at least his team has been leveling up a hell of a lot!

...Anyway, he decides to put his Gear to good use by doing what a dad does best: having a panic attack as he tries to figure out where all the kids have gone and if they're still breathing or not. Two messages here. The first is a video message to the two brats kids in Violet, Kay and Kaito, since Byrne hasn't heard from them and OMFG ARE THEY OKAY ABFEGBFJGENWK]




[OOC: To Johan and Crow: feel free to respond with action or video, whichever you prefer. Basically, Byrne's been looking for you guys and hasn't been able to find either of you anywhere. ...Yeah, he just lied to Kay and Kaito by saying you were okay. Ahahaha. Well, currently he's hiding out in some random building to try and catch his breath, so. Yes. I'm not sure where that is exactly, so feel free to specify a location! Otherwise I'll make something up. XDD;]

Byrne Faraday [userpic]

(Route) [005]: WHAT. [video/action for Goldenrod Inn]

March 28th, 2011 (11:07 pm)
location: Goldenrod City
mood: WHAT.
ambience: *jaws theme*

[Hullo there Route! It's been awhile since you've seen this face!

...Well actually, it probably hasn't been very long, especially if you've been traveling with him lately. But HE sure thinks it's been awhile! Byrne has been ill for the past several days or so and is just now recovering from that illness. Currently he's in a state of half-sleep in his hotel room with a concerned Vulpix and Wooper sleeping beside him, and the only reason he picked up the gear to start streaming was...well, uh. Was there a reason?

Reason...reason...oh yeah, he kind of wants to figure out what's all happening right now. The last thing he remembers clearly is leaving Violet with Kay and her friends. Seriously. He's been delirious a lot. Kind of like right now.]

...Ugh. I feel like I got run over by a truck--*cough COUGH*---Augh.

[By the way, if you can't tell, his voice sounds absolutely horrible right now. And he goes into coughing fits every once in awhile too. He's much better than he's been (or sounded) all week (HOW IS HE NOT DEAD YET) but he's still pretty terrible. Let's just say the flu sucks. Majorly.]

Well, uh. *cough* Not really sure what to say, other than I've obviously been sick... No idea what's been happ--*COUGH COUGH*--happening--goddamnit, my throat--so, uh. What in the world has been happening around Johto lately? It's...I don't even--*cough*--remember really, what's been going on. Just been sick. And--


....Huh? What the...

[The camera turns (along with Byrne's head) to THIS THING HOGGING THE CAMERA.]



W-w-w-what the hell?!

[Aaand cue gear dropping and a (totally uncalled for?) violent physical reaction from a 40 year old man at the sight of this little rat. Said rat is being all cute and trying to walk over to his trainer, squeaking in a most adorable fashion. No, Byrne does not realize he caught the little guy some time ago, some time when he was all delirious and took Little Thief out to Route 34 in the middle of the night for some training. He does not remember this event. At all. All he knows is that HE HATES RATS AND RATTATAS AND ANYTHING THAT LOOKS LIKE THEM WHY IS IT ON HIS BED WHY SOMEONE GET IT AWAY NOW GET IT AWAY GET AWAY GET AWAY DEAR SWEET JESUS HELP

...And, after a few seconds of being tremendously terrified and freaking poor Little Thief and Tal out beside him. He slowly picks up the gear. Is it just me or does he sound much worse than he did a second ago?]

...............O-okay. *COUGH* ...Uh. Kay? Johan, Kaito, Crow...someone? Somebody please explain--*cough cough*--what's going on here. And why this........fellow is on my bed.

[Camera shows the cute little rat again, wagging his tail and being so cute. Except Byrne is obviously unimpressed by the cuteness and more terrified of the three inch razor-sharp fangs of DEATH staring him down right now.]

Whose is it. And why is it in my room. On my bed. *cough* Ready to eat me.


[[ooc: tagbacks will be slow for awhile (and for the moment they won't happen until tomorrow since I seem to love posting right before bed)! But hooray for a convenient explanation to Byrne's hiatus! Feel free to badger him with AWW YOU WERE SO DELERIOUS AND CRAZY MR FARADAY and etc. I do welcome the idea that he was acting a tad crazy while he was ill, so if you've got an idea for something he might've said/done during the fact (beyond catching the one Pokemon he loathes with an undying passion), feel free to PM me about it. :> ]]

Byrne Faraday [userpic]

(Route) [004]: Angry Little Thief is angry! For...some reason! [video/action for Byrne's room]

March 4th, 2011 (10:37 pm)
location: Violet City
mood: annoyed
ambience: This music got old about a week and a half ago

[Hullo, Routers! Today's feed by your friendly neighborhood thief Byrne Faraday is...

...um. Uh. A Hoothoot's face?

Well, say hello to Athena the Hoothoot, guys. From watching Byrne, she's learned how to mess with the PokeGear! ...Sort of. She has just switched it on to video by accident and it's now recording an awkward angle of the room Byrne's staying in at the Violet City Inn. Boy oh boy oh boy. Byrne can be heard muttering something in the background but it's hard to hear or even notice when THERE'S A HOOTHOOT HOGGING THE CAMERASPACE HELLO and making little Hoothoot sounds. And Athena just staaaares for a good minute, turns her head side to side, pecks the camera once or twice to see if it'll do anything--]

Athena, what are you doing? C'mere for a second.

[Ahh, Byrne's calling her! She hoots happily and trots over to him, forgetting about her new toy for now. However, her derp of a trainer doesn't seem to notice the PokeGear yet. Right now his attention is on Little Thief, who is seen sitting with her back to him. Her nose is upturned with a pout on her face and everything, like some sassy cat or unhappy child. This is so...un-Little Thief like.]


Athena, can you try and talk to Little Thief? She's suddenly being so unresponsive, and I don't know what's wrong.

[With an enthusiastic nod, Athena jumps in front of Little Thief's face and STARRESSSS. Surprisingly, the Vulpix reacts quite positively towards her Pokemon companion! They have a Pokemon-language conversation as Byrne watches from the sidelines...leaves them alone to 'talk' for about half a minute...and then, when they look like things might be settled, Byrne speaks up:]

So? What is it, Little Thief?

[Ohhhh, Little Thief just shot you the dirtiest look EVER, Byrne. It's like she just said to you DON'T TALK TO ME BITCH]

Wh-what? What did I do?!

Wrrrrulh! Vul! [Back to pouting, it seems. Even Athena looks baffled. But Byrne?]

...Fine, you know what? Don't tell me what's wrong! Be pouty for all I care.

[And so Byrne is pouting and Little Thief is pouting and Athena is just like :| and Oliver lays in the corner looking as if he's saying '...wow, you two are so mature.' And Tal's bouncing around like Tal not caring. Yay! Well, enough is enough for Byrne! He's walking over to the Gear now with some ultimate purpose in mind, and he picks it up to realize--]

Wait--hold it--what?! It's been recording?! How the hell has it been--

[...But! Byrne stops himself from turning it off, because...well, recording a message was his plan all along. So he clears his throat and very awkwardly begins his message.]

...Uhh, well, so my Vulpix won't listen to me all of a sudden and I don't know why, if you saw that. She'll respond to my other Pokemon but she's... [Looks back at her for a moment.] It's like she's mad at me for something, but I don't know what I did wrong.

Has anyone else ever had this happen to them before? If so, how do you fix it?

[[OOC: posting and then going off to bed! Feel free to tag, I'll get back to you ASAP tomorrow morning! Night y'all <3]]

Byrne Faraday [userpic]

(Route) [003.5]: The fateful meeting. [action for Kay Faraday]

February 23rd, 2011 (06:07 pm)
location: Violet City
mood: indescribable
ambience: does my heart pounding count?

[It has to be, what, three, four in the morning now? Maybe even five, who knows. He's been up for almost a whole entire day and could collapse any second, but he doesn't feel even the slightest bit tired right now. Even if he did feel tired, he wouldn't care.

Right now, there are more important things than sleep. Like standing outside of the Pokemon Center in the freezing cold waiting for his daughter to arrive.

The biting cold, the fact he will probably eventually die from sleep deprivation - those things don't cross his mind at all. The former likely because he found
this trenchcoat packed away in his bag on day one, and it's been useful in keeping him warm all this time. The latter, well...that's his fault.

Little Thief is quietly sitting beside him, she being here sort of against Byrne's will. He wants this to be completely and utterly private...however, he's thankful for the company right now. It's making the wait much less painful. Little Thief isn't stupid; she understands something serious is going on, and while she isn't sure what that 'something' is, she doesn't want to leave her trainer alone to face it if she can help it. She can't even leave him to face a measely Rattata alone, for crying out loud. Who's the parent here?

For a moment, Byrne bends down to stroke Little Thief's fur, smiling, trying to relax. Then he stands back up and continues to wait for that teenage girl he's been longing to see since he got here. His little girl.

The wait is killing him, slowly but surely, and seconds pass like hours.]

Byrne Faraday [userpic]

(Route) [003]: It's late, but... [audio]

February 22nd, 2011 (07:54 pm)
location: Violet City
mood: anxious

[[OOC note: Technically this is supposed to take place in the early morning/late night hours of the 22/23, but since I don't want to wait another pointless 24 hours to post this (and therefore would be posting after the time this is taking place), I am posting early! :3 Please keep the IC time in mind, thank you~.]]

[Byrne and his traveling companion have finally reached Violet City at an ungodly hour of the night/morning, tired as all get out...even Little Thief is too tired to walk anymore. Byrne himself is ready to collapse in a nice bed and crash for the night.

...Well, he was. Now that Byrne is actually, finally here, he's no longer tired - he's the exact opposite of tired. The past week and a half, he's been plowing through city and route as fast as possible to get here, but now that he's here...the nerves are starting to kick in. Like crazy. The whole time he's been traveling, he's been pondering what this all means and what he might learn from suddenly-17-year-old-Kay...who he swears HAS to be his daughter, no doubt about it. It's all nice to think about but now that it's actually...

It's like when he went on his first heist, in a way. Talk all you want about how you'll do this and that, but it's way different and utterly terrifying once it's actually happening.

That's why it takes him a bit to activate the Gear, and even when he starts recording his message to Kay he cannot bear to put it on video. He doesn't even know why he's doing this now - if she has any sense, she'll be fast asleep at this hour - but he...he can't leave this until morning. He has to put out a message now, before he gets too anxious and starts putting it off.

Here he goes. Deep breath, nice and slow. You got this, Faraday, just a clean, simple message.]


[Now there's someone else he needs to inform of his arrival, someone he'd like to get in touch with before he runs into Kay. This messages is much less nerve-wracking to record, for obvious reasons.]


[Hooooo boy. Now to finally get some sleep as he waits for the fateful meeting.

...Oh, who is he kidding? He's not getting a wink of sleep tonight, and that's a promise.]


Byrne Faraday [userpic]

(Route) [002]: Somehow, we survived. [audio/action for Cherrygrove City]

February 16th, 2011 (07:14 pm)
location: Cherrygrove City
mood: annoyed

[One can hear throughout this audio post that Byrne's tired, slightly out of breath and, um...rather upset.]

Alright--I've finally made it to Cherrygrove with Locke. So someone please fill me in: what the hell is wrong with the wildlife around here? You can't look at a Rattata without it trying to chew your damn face off!

 [...Did I mention Byrne is upset?]

They come out of nowhere to attack you for no reason, and then they fight until they pass out! I don't understand. What are they trying to protect? And why come after people who aren't even bothering them in the first place?!

I managed to catch one of them last night, at least. A Hoothoot. She attacked me like all the others, but now that I've caught her she's suddenly so docile. I don't get these Pokemon at all.

[An irritated sigh.] Kay, if you're getting this, please be careful. I don't know what's wrong around here, but obviously the wildlife in this place is just crazy. I'm going to stay in Cherrygrove for the night so Little Thief and I can rest up, but I'll be heading out early tomorrow morning. Please stay safe, okay?

[Little Thief the Vulpix can be heard letting out a soft whuuua? at the PokeGear. Then there are sniffing noises.]

Yes, that's a PokeGear. No, you can't have it. I'm still mad at you for taking the trail mix, you know.


[OOC: Byrne's currently traveling with Locke Cole right now, but anyone wandering around Cherrygrove can come up and say hi. He's walking through the middle of town, trying to find a place to stay for the night~.]

Byrne Faraday [userpic]

(Route) [001]: Welcome to New Bark Town! [video]

February 13th, 2011 (05:20 pm)

[The feed comes on to show...well. It’s hard to tell what’s going on with the screen shifting back and forth so much, but it looks like Byrne's trying to figure out if the thing's working or not.]

It’s on, right? [The man’s face gets very close to the screen for a moment as he squints at something, possibly the technology.] Oh! It is! [He smiles, pulling away from the camera so his face can stop hogging the screen.]

Alright, if anyone’s picking this up, can someone please tell me where the heck 'Johto' is? I have no clue what I'm doing here--or how I even got here. [He knows how he woke up, and that's not an experience he'd like to remember, thank you very much.] But I'm here, no idea where I am, and--oh, and there's this weird fox-looking thing that's following me around.

[Byrne then shifts the camera down to show a Vulpix sitting beside his leg. She looks up at the camera curiously, tails twitching slightly.]

This, er, strange woman told me it was called a 'Pokaman'. Or something like that. I have no idea, but she won't leave me alone, whatever she is. I think she's some sort of cute mutant fox.

[The camera moves back up to him again.] Anyway, I’d love to know how to get to Los Angeles from here. I was in the middle of a trial and it wouldn’t be good if I couldn't get back to that. If anyone knows Detective Tyrell Badd--actually, how do you call a United States phone number here? I try to dial his cell phone number in this thing and it doesn't recognize it.

[He pauses a moment, wondering if there's anything else to ask. The Vulpix lets out a soft noise, as if she's bored.] Guess that's all, so uh. My name's Byrne Faraday, and I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out.

...Holy crap, it's cold out here.

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